Shower Perch W/ Optional Swing - Small


Taking your bird into the shower is a time-honored tradition amongst bird owners. Some of us haven't taken a shower alone in months! But for a place that your bird spends a lot of important bonding time, little thought is put into traditional shower perches. The BeMore Bird Supplies design changes that, with a fold-away shower perch with 3 suction cups, each rated to hold 7 pounds. The suction cups are screwed into the perch with stainless steel hardware. No matter how hard your bird splashes and plays, we guarantee that the shower perch will stay firmly attached. This perch is specifically made for small birds, from parrotlets and budgies to conures and caiques.

Optional swing allows your bird to play even harder while bathing.

Perch can come bare, textured, or with vet wrap. We recommend vet wrap because it is easy to grip, does not absorb moisture, and can be easily replaced when dirty. The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC, which sometimes contains lead. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is stainless steel.

Please note: You will be asked for your "secondary color" choice when checking out. This refers to the color of the vet wrap.

11.5"//29cm in length, with 6.5"//17cm of perchable area. 6"//15cm wide and 3.5"//9cm tall. Swing hangs down about 7"//18cm total and has 3.5"//9cm of perchable area. Perch diameter is .82"/21mm.

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