About Us

BeMore Bird Supplies began as a dream to create high-quality, yet affordable, play stands and play gyms for pet birds. I, Matt, got my first bird when I was 11 years old and have loved birds ever since. Currently, I have a crimson-bellied conure, a black-headed caique, and a few lineolated parakeets. These birds are my life, and I wanted to create the perfect play gyms for them. Play gyms that would not only keep them busy and engaged, but would last and be made out of the safest materials possible.

Although it started out as a hobby, it quickly became clear that this was a large demand for these types of bird supplies, and BeMore Bird Supplies became my full-time job. Previously named A Parrot Should Play, we changed it to better reflect the wide variety of high-quality products that we offer, as well as to pay homage to our wonderful city of Baltimore, Maryland.

When you buy from us, your birds become our highest-priority. There is nothing that I love more than customers telling me how much their birds love their BeMore play stands and toys. It is our hope that what we are doing will improve the lives of pet birds, even if only a little. That is what makes it worth it.


Matt with Birds