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Small Bird Stands

These stands are great for budgies, parrotlets, linnies, cockatiels, conures, quakers, pionuses, senegals, caiques and similarly sized birds.
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THE INDULGER Floor-Version: Small and Medium Birds
THE INDULGER Tabletop-Version: Small and Medium Birds
THE OBSERVER - Window Play Gym for Small and Medium Birds
Small Toy Package
Small Toy Package
$39.99 $59.44
THE MINI-INDULGER Tabletop-Version: Small Birds
THE POPPER: Cotton Rope Netting Cube Bird Toy for Small to Medium Birds
THE INDULGER Floor-Version With Seagrass Mats: Play Gym and Stand for Small and Medium Parrots
THE HANGER Small: Hanging Gym for Small and Medium Birds
Shower Perch W/ Optional Swing - Small
THE LEVELER: Small and Medium Birds
THE MINI-OBSERVER - Window Play Gym for Extra-Small Birds
THE MOVER: Small Portable Perch w/ Cup(s)