DIY Kit THE INDULGER Floor-Version: Small and Medium Birds


This is a DIY "a-la carte" version of our most popular stand - The Indulger Floor-Version. You will receive white Furniture-Grade PVC pipe (pre-cut, no cutting is required), white Furniture-Grade fittings, 20 small stainless steel screw eyes, 2 quick links, and instructions. If you order vet wrap and/or bowls you will also receive those items. If you order bowls I will pre-drill the PVC for the bowls. This kit comes with 20 stainless steel screw eyes, if you want more you can find them here:

Unlike the regular version of this stand, this DIY version does not come pre-assembled in any way other than the pre-cut pipe. The kit does come with everything necessary to connect the swing, but in a slightly different way from the pictures. If you order the 4-pack of vet wrap, you will receive two 4" rolls and two 3" rolls. If you have color preferences please tell us when adding to cart or checking out.

Save money and get the experience of building it yourself by getting a kit.

Tools Required For Assembly:
- Rubber Mallet (white is best)
- Measuring Tape
- Handheld Drill (for screw eyes)
- N95 Mask (for drilling in PVC)
- 3/32" Drill Bit (for screw eyes)
- Pliers (for screw eyes)
- (Optional) Screw Eye Driver

This play-gym is the perfect thing to keep your birdo occupied while out of the cage! Featuring 2 sets of stairs, a swing, and many perches. Your cockatiel, parakeet, parrotlet, linnie, conure, quaker, lovebird, caique, senegal or other small to medium sized bird will thank you for a playgym to call their own. It is large enough to accommodate several birds at once.

The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is stainless steel. Bowls are either stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic, which are nearly unbreakable and are harder for birds to remove. Note: the white bowls shown in pictures are no longer available. The heavy-duty plastic crocks are clear.

The base is approximately 14"//35.5cm x 12"//30.5cm. It is approximately 60"//1.5m in height. Perch diameter is 13/16" (0.82")//20.8mm.

Ships free via UPS or USPS in the continental US. Please message me before ordering if you would like to use a P.O. box. If you are shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, you must select the "Alaska/Hawaii" shipping option at checkout.

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