THE INDULGER Floor-Version With Seagrass Mats: Play Gym and Stand for Small and Medium Parrots


Our best-selling play stand is back with an upgrade! This stand includes a cube of seagrass mats on the lower level for your bird to hop, climb, fall and play on! Delight them with foot toys, or hang toys from the netting itself. This will soon be your bird's favorite area in the house! Stand also includes two stainless steel bowls, a swing, and a set of rotating stairs. Optional tray for droppings is available.

Measures 60"//1.5m high with a base length and width of 12"//30.5cm. Some of the upper perches do stick out a couple of inches longer. Perch diameter is 13/16" (0.82")//20.8mm.

Please note: You will be asked for your "Secondary Color" choice. This refers to the color of the wrap.

Made out of high-quality Furniture Grade PVC. Furniture Grade PVC is UV-resistant, 100% lead and heavy-metal free, glossy, easy to clean, and made in America. All metal used is stainless steel, which is bird-safe and rust-resistant. Seagrass mats are held in place by hard-plastic links.

Requires some assembly which should take no more than a couple of minutes. Does not come with any birds or toys, though the toys are available to purchase at this site.

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