Our Birds' Recommendations

Aren't you tired of literal humans telling you what your birds will like? I know I am! So I figured that I would take a backseat and let them talk. Without further ado, I present our birds and their recommendations.


Age: 3

Species: Crimson-Bellied Conure

My favorites are the Small Bouncer, the Clickety-Clack and the Orbiter When I'm in my cage, I like to chill on my Orbiter, with my Clickety-Clack nearby in case I get excited and need to ring it. And when I'm out, I need to either be on my Bouncer or Matt. Both of which are 100% mine.


M&M (aka Memsis, Emes, or Mama)

Age: 1.5

Species: Black-Headed Caique

M&M on Floor Indulger

I love The Indulger - Floor Version because it's got a whole lot of levels and steps and fun things on it and also it's light enough for mom & dad to move it around to whatever room they're in (except they won't take it with them in the bathroom, for some reason) and also it's got all my favorite toys on it like Happy Cups and the Medium Boing and Carnival Kabob Swing and also sometimes they put cashews in the treat bowls and also...

(editor's note: at this point she got distracted thinking about cashews and stared off into the distance before pooping and laughing).

Cheeky & Splayed-ey

Age: 6 months

Species: Lineolated Parakeets

Cheeky: Well I really like the Mini-Indulger because we can fly and hop from perch to perch and level to level and it's got some of my favorite toys on it like

Splayed-ey: And it's got a tray underneath so we can poop on it without mom & dad getting upset!

Cheeky: Yeah, we can poop on it!! But like I said, it's got some cool toys on it at the moment like dad's homemade Bead Boing, the Coco Treat Cup and the Mini Bird Kabob.

Splayed-ey: But not the Hanging Paddles! We each have one of those in the cage because dad says we're bad at sharing!

Cheeky: I can share, I just don't want to! But also I like The Disky Leather Chew and the Mini-Trapeze!

Splayed-ey: I like them more than you do!

Cheeky: Nuh-uh!

(editor's note: at this point, the pair had to be seperated because of the vicious argument that developed over who loved the toys more, and in turn, whom the toys loved more.)


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