Custom-Made Aviaries

We make, deliver and install high-quality, affordable and lightweight aviaries in the Maryland area, which includes neighboring states. They are made primarily from furniture-grade PVC and stainless steel welded wire mesh. Furniture-grade PVC is resistant to UV rays and can withstand weather and significant impacts. Stainless steel is very strong, rust-resistant and the safest metal for birds. We use a variety of sizes of both PVC and stainless steel depending on the type of birds.

As these are custom-made, we can accommodate requests for a wide variety of sizes. Some may want a structure just big enough to encompass their Indulger stand comfortably, so that they can take their bird outside. Others may want a 10'x10' aviary with an additional side door and two safety catches. We are able to accomodate most sizes.

At this time we are not accepting orders for customers outside of the mid-Atlantic region. If you are interested in a custom-built aviary, please fill out the form below. If you are unsure of what to put for any field, you may leave it blank.