Bird-Friendly Coffee

We proudly sell Birds & Beans brand Bird-Friendly® CoffeeBird-Friendly® Coffee is a certification given by the Smithsonian to farmers who grow their beans in the shade, preserving the trees for native & migratory birds to use. Growing in the shade is a more expensive process compared to cutting down the trees and growing under the sun, which is why only about 1% of all coffee bought in the US is Bird-Friendly®. When you purchase Bird-Friendly® Coffee you are supporting farmers who support their local environment and all life within it. In addition, all Birds & Beans coffee is certified Fair-Trade and USDA organic.

The number one threat to wild parrots in Central & South America is loss of habitat. Parrots (with the exception of the Quaker Parrot) nest only in tree hollows, which are most often found in mature trees. These nesting sites can be used year after year for different birds and support healthy population growth. When farmers cut down these trees, parrots lose nesting sites and do not breed. Even if new trees were to be planted, it would take years for them to develop the hollows that parrots require. That is precisely why shade-grown coffee is so important. It supports the local economy while protecting the natural habitat and environment.

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