A double perch with stainless steel hooks for toys and a screw-in stainless steel coop cup. Keep your bird occupied as you travel from room to room with them. Perches are wrapped in vet wrap to ensure a comfy, sure grip.

The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is from bird safe materials, and is specifically meant for pet birds. No glue is used, pieces lock tightly together.

If you have a color preference for the vet wrap, please let me know. If you would prefer to not have your perch vet-wrapped, I can texture the PVC for you at no additional cost. Or you can leave it bare! Just let me know when you order.

Requires some assembly which should take no more than a couple of minutes.
Does not come with toys or birds.

Medium is good for small and large conures, caiques, pionuses, senegals, jardines, meyers, african greys, amazons, mini macaws and small cockatoos. Perch diameter is 1.3"//33.4mm. The medium is 15.5"//39.4cm in length and 13"//33cm in base width.

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