A portable, PVC perch stand for your bird! Comes wrapped in vet wrap so that your bird has a comfortable and easy grip. 1-2 stainless steel bowls (10 oz) are optional. Take your bird from room to room, and make sure they always have a place to sit and hang out with you. A great training or multi-use perch!

The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is from bird safe materials, and is specifically meant for pet birds. No glue is used, pieces lock tightly together.

Requires some assembly which should take no more than a couple of minutes.

This is a great perch for African Greys, smaller Amazons, small Cockatoos, Eclectuses, Caiques, large Conures, Mini-Macaws, Pionuses and most Poicephaluses.

Measurements (US): 14.5" in length, 9.5" in height, 11.5" in base depth. 3/4" PVC is used, the actual diameter of which is 1.05".

Measurements (Metric): 36.8 cm in length, 24.1 cm in length, 29.2 cm in base depth. Actual diameter of the perch is 26.67 mm.

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