THE POPPER: Cotton Rope Netting Cube Bird Toy for Small to Medium Birds


If your birds are anything like mine then they love climbing on rope! They climb, swing, hang upside down, and pop between the holes. My caique especially is a rope-ladder maniac! So with her in mind I created THE POPPER, a toy or standalone play stand for the birds that just can't get enough of climbing! Attach some of their favorite toys to various parts and watch them entertain themselves for hours weaving in and out of the ropes, bouncing and hopping. Made with Superior Cotton Rope. This is a pure cotton made specifically for birds. Rather than breaking into threads, which a bird could get caught on, this rope breaks away in puffs. Comes with a stainless steel hook to connect to cage, ceiling protector, or another play stand.

Made with 1/2" Furniture-grade PVC (NOT plumbing PVC) which has an overall diameter of 0.82", and 1/4" superior cotton rope. I can make this with other ropes (such as Polly or sisal) if you are interested, but there may be a small extra fee and/or waiting time since I don't usually have those on hand. All ropes are purchased from reputable bird-safe retailers. THE POPPER measures 10"x10"x10".

I made this specifically for my caique but it can be enjoyed by many different sizes of birds, from parrotlets to small cockatoos.

Does not come with any toys or birds. The cotton rope will inevitably need to be replaced with use. Don't worry! It's pretty cheap and I can show you where to get it from if you message me.

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