THE SMALL BOUNCER: Parrot Boing Play Stand Perch w/ Boing and Cup


A portable, easy-to-carry PVC playstand for your bird! Comes with:
- Rope bungee perch, also known as a boing.
- (OPTIONAL) Screw-in stainless steel 10 oz. bowl.
- 3 stainless-steel screw eyes to hang toys from.
- Vet wrap on the top perch and base, to make it easier for your bird to grip on.

The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC, which usually contains lead. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is from bird safe materials, and is specifically meant for pet birds. No glue is used, pieces lock tightly together.

To save on shipping, the playstand will come disassembled with easy instructions. Set-up should take no more than 5 minutes!

If you have a preference of vet wrap color, please let me know when checking out. If you would prefer to not have your perch vet-wrapped, I can texture the PVC for you at no additional cost. Or you can leave it bare! Just let me know when you order.

This size is best for small and medium birds, from parrotlets to conures, cockatiels and caiques.

Other than the rope bungee perch, no other toys come with this. My crimson-bellied conure Feyegele doesn't, either.

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