Chestnut-Sided Warbler, Dark Medium Roast - 12 ounces


Bird Friendly® Coffee from farmers co-op UCA San Juan del Río Coco in the Northern Nicaraguan Highlands. Earthy, roasted almond, dark chocolate. Medium-full body. Shade grown Smithsonian certified Bird Friendly® coffee, which is also USDA Organic and Fair-Trade certified.

Bird-Friendly® Coffee is shade-grown, which preserves habitat for native and migratory birds. The number one threat facing wild parrots in Central & South America is loss of habitat and nesting sites. By purchasing Bird-Friendly® Coffee you are supporting farmers who have decided to grow their coffee in the shade, preserving the trees that parrots and other species desperately need.

From the family farms of the UCA San Juan del Rio Coco. These farms in the Northern Nicaraguan highlands are the hub of a self-sustaining local rural economy and a critical habitat for migratory and indigenous birds. Several species of conures, amazons, and pionus parrots live in this immediate area.